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24th-Mar-2010 05:04 pm - Feedback !!!!! Updated 9-24-10
Leave feedback Here !!!

If I Bought or sold something to you !!!!

Postive : 7+
Negtive : 0


Sasha >D
29th-Dec-2009 12:36 pm - R.I.P - The rev
Today i found out
that the Rev of A7X has passed away.
THE REV OF A7X Pictures, Images and Photos
22nd-Nov-2009 06:22 pm - Vegas Baby ^ ^
So my dad just told me that both of our spring breaks are the same week !
So me and him are going to Las Fucking Vegas again ^ ^
My mom is staying home watching the cat XD
I cant wait
My dad promise me to take me to see eather the Beatles Cirque du soleil
or Criss Angel's Believe one ^ ^ lol
Plus i love shopping there the places i go to are...
The Fashion mall
Caesars Palace (thats were Juicy couture,Jimmy choo,chanel,dior,Lv,and my fav...Chrome Hearts <3 )
The Basment-Cyber store
Mircile Mile

Oh and i will be wearing lolita when im there ^ ^
21st-Nov-2009 07:14 pm - Pain....... and good news ^ ^
Well i named this entery pain
Because my stomach is killing me >< lol
Damn that time of the month ><

Kawaii Pink Ribbon Border Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyways ^ ^

im making my christmas list

My coz might be getting me a BJD ^ ^
Heres a picture of her ^ ^

19th-Nov-2009 05:49 pm - Im going too.....

Posting more > <

I havent posted for awhile but all well ><

so i got these sweet Buddy Holly glasses at hot topic for $10


Angelic pretty's new jsk "Dorimyidoruhausushirizu"


Heres some pics of it

12th-Nov-2009 04:21 pm - Screenprinting contest ^ ^
My sweet motherCollapse )
6th-Oct-2009 10:31 am - Hey everyone
I wont be on for awhile

my mother took my computer away and i have no way to a computer only at my school...and that how im typing this

Any of you have any new diru news or pic
please leave a comment plese > < thanks

Miss Obscure ^ 3 ^
26th-Sep-2009 08:47 pm - Kitty time ^ ^
This is My New Friend Ghost ^ ^ My mom found him at my grandmas house,She has some kind of chemical burn on her neck.Shes so cute ^ ^

12th-Jul-2009 01:51 am - Summer 09

My EGA outfit

Blouse:American Rag cusoum with bloodstains
Vest:Forever 21
Skirt: Alice Auaa

Fun At the mall

Bows:Clares,Betty Page
Shirt:Sex Pot Revenge
Necklace:Taria Taratino
Belts:Both Hot Topic
Jeans: vanilla star

Cyber 101

Dreads: Handmade by me
Shirt: A day to remember shirt
Goggles: Ordered from Fetishfalls.com
11th-Jun-2009 07:07 pm - Omfg Gundams and zakus >< lol
So my bf Josh is giving a shit load of of his gundams and Zaku heres one of them its Sazabi <3
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